Win: Reconciling a Legacy

This three-part investigation takes the form of a printed archive. The archive investigates the life of a polarizing executive in the world of 1980's Broadcasting, who was also a polarizing figure within my own family: my grandfather, Win Baker.

This experience is an attempt to reconcile his legacy and understand who he was.
Elizabeth (1/3)
The most intimate of the three pieces, "Elizabeth" is comprised of an extended conversation with my grandmother, Win's wife Elizabeth. The images are all from family albums. The simple page layouts of single-column text and image are disrupted by "Places We've Lived", a special section on separate paper stock on how constant relocation and moving affected their relationship.

The Public Eye (2/3)
The sources and design decisions of "The Public Eye" are somewhat opposed to those of "Elizabeth". Instead of family records or stories, the content is all from newspapers of the time (like The New York Times) that published editorials, photos, and obituaries for Win during his time as the President of Westinghouse Broadcasting. The design references the visual language of advertising, magazines and television at the time. It captures the achievements of a man, but also shows the values of men of the time, whose careers and achievements were especially important to their self-image.

Behind The Man (3/3)
The editorial epicenter of the project is "Behind the Man", which consists of 7 extended back-and-forth interviews with my own family members about their relationship with Win and how they understood his unique character. Each interviewee's section is supplemented with expressive typography, geometric pattern distortions and additional photography as they would be in a traditional editorial magazine.