The Dream Producer

The True Story of Choi Eun-Hee and Shin Sang-Ok
Based on a segment from This American Life by Nancy Updike, transcript from NPR

This book is centered around the transcription of a podcast and brings the audio to life in a way impossible in the podcast form. Footnotes, additional found photography and deliberate editorial design break this 20-minute podcast into a three act story that reflects the cinematic nature of the story and its heroes.

Credit Sequence

I wanted to design an opening section that had the gravitas and intrigue of a classic opening title sequence. This sequence is about 20 pages—a significant chunk of the book—to emphasize the grandiosity of the story, its players, and the beauty of the photography and typography.

The Book

The book is split into three acts. The general structure of the acts are identical. Each act has a title spread, a full page pull-out and a theme color that affects everything from the typography to the images themselves within a section.

Completed at Washington University in St. Louis, Fall 2016. This project uses photography from various sources and brilliant photographers online, and is intended for academic presentation only. This book is not for sale.
    Type: Cinderblock, Odesta, Berthold Akzidenz-Grotesk and Freight.