mother! Making The Fever Dream
Full Project coming soon
    with David Rudnick
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Publication designed for Rizzoli and Darren Aronofsky centered on the climactic sequence from “mother!”

Win: Reconciling a Legacy
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A printed archive covering the life of a polarizing broadcast executive in the 1980’s. Completed as Senior Capstone project in Spring 2017.

Nothing New: A Process Book
Full project coming soon.

Curated images and writing from every class project over three years of undergraduate. Currently in production.
Film Forum
Full project coming soon.
    with Chantal Jahchan

Proposed identity system including web, posters and print collateral for the NYC institution.

The Dream Producer
Full project coming soon.
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Self-initiated book project (based on a podcast episode) about kidnapped South Korean filmmakers in North Korea.

Neo Navigation
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Posters, branding and websites produced for a show of student work focused on form and interaction.
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