Film Forum

Film Forum is a true institution in New York City and in cinephile culture. Its presence is well-established. The existing identity revolves around printed materials like a newspaper schedule and member cards, and losing this was out of the question. Instead we saw an opportunity to elevate the brand experience by bringing it up to date while retaining the spirit of the theater. How could we make members and passerby more thrilled to interact with the brand outside of the theater?

The website sets out to feature movies in a given month through a simple, dynamic and adaptable visual system. Premieres of American independents and foreign art films are represented in blue, while Repertory selections including foreign and American classics, genre works, festivals and directors’ retrospectives are represented in red.

Printed Material
Mailers, postcards, and membership cards are key to FF’s outreach and brand. We wanted to create print pieces that demanded attention, rewarded the loyalty of members, and were deserving of their status as printed objects.

The Mark
Film Forum prides themselves on quality projection of real film prints, something few theaters can claim. This attention to detail through analogue materials was important to capture, and became the mark itself. Since 1980, film strips have used DX Encoding to provide information about the type of film, number of exposures, and speed (ISO/ASA rating) of the film.

These forms serve a purely informational purpose, but are themselves beautiful in construction. These shapes were traced from a particular film strip and modified to resemble the twin F’s of Film Forum.

This branding is an unofficial proposal. Love you Film Forum!